Thomas Wynn-Jones

Branch DIFC
Years Of Experience 17 Years
Specialities Back and Neck pain and Sciatica
Speaks English

Thomas is a U.K qualified Osteopath and has been practicing Osteopathy for 17 years, initially in London then Singapore and now Dubai. He has a wealth of experience and has carried out over 45,000 consultations and seen over 12,000 individual patients.

Osteopathic modalities used in Thomas’s practice include structural, visceral and osteopathy in the cranial field, he is always tailoring his treatment to the individual patients needs regarding their pain and or dysfunction. This will help the patient find the cause of their problem and resolve it.

Non osteopathic modalities used by Thomas include therapeutic ultrasound, percussion hammer, fascial release, taping and dry needling.

Experience and History

The youngest osteopathic patient seen by Thomas was two days old and the oldest was 98 years young. In between that he has treated office workers, athletes (professional and amateur), pregnant mums, babies, children, adolescents and geriatric patients.

Thomas’s holistic approach to his patients has allowed him to help many to find a path to a reduction and the total removal of pain and dysfunction. This has been through treatment by Thomas as well as his referral to other practitioners whom he believes can help the patient more with their specialist skills, knowledge or experience.

If you are suffering with new acute pain or long standing chronic pain, Thomas is a professional that can diagnose and treat the issue to fully resolve your problem or send you to the person who will.

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