Men’s Health

While there is increasing awareness of women’s health issues, the importance of their pelvic floor muscles, and how pelvic health therapy can assist with many conditions, the same isn’t true for men.

Many men aren’t aware that they have pelvic floor muscles, but here are some interesting statistics.

1 in 10 men may experience pelvic floor or continence issues during their lifetime
Up to 70% of men suffer from urinary incontinence following prostatectomy surgery
1 in 5 men suffer from erectile dysfunction in the UK (more than 20% of men under 40 years of age and more than 52% of men over 40 years of age)
16% of men over 18 have overactive bladder 5-10% of men suffer from pelvic pain

What men’s health conditions can a Pelvic health specialist treat?

  • Urinary Stress Incontinence
  • Overactive Bladder
  • Erectile Dysfunction and Ejaculatory Dysfunction
  • Numbness in the groin and genital region
  • Pain in the groin, pelvis, bowel, or genitals
  • Pre-and Post-operative care for Prostate and testicular surgery

What happens During a Treatment Session?

  • Verbal Assessment: Questions relating your pain, bladder, bowel and sexual function and medical history.
  • Physical Assessment: Use of physical tests to help diagnose the source of the problem and identify areas requiring treatment and re-training.
  • Treatment: We like to get to treatment in most cases within your initial session.
  • Planning: A plan for further treatments and any ‘homework’ exercises.

What Treatments Do We Commonly Use?

  • Myofascial trigger point techniques – internal and External
  • Pelvic Floor muscle Training
  • Stretching and relaxation techniques
  • Manual therapy
  • Dry needling
  • Muscle Biofeedback – a computer screen shows you your muscle contraction to assist muscle re-training
  • Muscle Electro-stimulation – to assist muscle contraction
  • Hypopressive abdominal exercises
  • Postural Training – adapted to your daily activities and sport
  • Education – advice on lifestyle modifications and strategies on self-management.

Most of our men’s health clients are self-referred, though some are referred by a urologist.
If you haven’t seen a consultant and the therapist feels that you would benefit from further

investigations, they will refer you to a relevant urologist or specialist


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