Manuel Izquierdo

Physiotherapist & Founder
Years Of Experience 19 Years
Specialities Experienced Physiotherapist Specialising in Sports Injuries and Orthopaedics
Speaks English, Spanish

● BSc In Physiotherapy
● Masters in Osteopathy
● Located at Palm Jumeira & DIFC

In 2014, Manuel founded the Anatomy Rehab Clinic in Palm Jumeirah, using his expertise and skill in physiotherapy to provide an exceptional sports injury facility to serve the active population in Dubai. His strong belief in high-quality care, ethical practices and long term results for every patient drives our clinic to provide the best possible service under the Anatomy Rehab brand.

If you have a sports injury, require post-operative care or need ongoing rehabilitation, Manuel can put you at ease, provide a personalised plan for your specific pain and enhance your well-being. His experience and knowledge gives our patients peace of mind for recovery from injuries and health concerns.

Experience and History

Manu started his career in physiotherapy in 2004, gaining experience in both physiotherapy and osteopathy through the Alcalá de Henares University in Madrid. During his training, he developed a range of different physiotherapy and osteopathy techniques and advanced his understanding of rehabilitation to deliver a holistic and manual therapy approach to injury management.

During his physiotherapy career, he has worked alongside high-calibre professional athletes in Spain, using his skill and experience to enable fast recovery, multi approach treatment and preventative rehabilitation. He has worked at many world-renowned clubs including Real Madrid C.F., Baloncesto Torrelodones, Majadahonda International Tennis Club, and The Professional Dance Conservatory of Madrid.

For 7 years, Manuel operated his own private clinic in the heart of Madrid, treating professional footballers, skilled athletes and high-profile patients with a range of advanced techniques and researched therapies. After moving to Dubai, Manuel used his wealth of experience to provide the same exceptional standard of care to patients in Dubai by opening two branches of Anatomy Rehab.

Since launching Anatomy Rehab, Manu has supported hundreds of patients and built upon the brand to establish a growing practice


As a highly-trained and experienced physiotherapist, Manu focuses on delivering a multidisciplinary approach to meet the needs of each patient, with full flexibility to suit their needs and goals. His wealth of experience allows our clinic to deliver high-quality physiotherapy across numerous areas. Some of his key specialities include:

● Sports injuries
● Orthopaedic care
● Pre and post-operative physiotherapy
● Dry needling
● Manual therapy
● Spinal manipulation
● Functional rehabilitation
● Kinesio taping

covering a wide range of techniques and specialisations. His expertise has allowed him to provide optimal care to both sports people and professionals across Dubai. In 2022 Manuel became part of the technical team supporting heavy weight world champion Anthony Joshua.

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