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Our expert team of licensed osteopaths provide a comprehensive assessment to get to the source of the problem and create a patient-focused treatment plan. We take time to carefully match highly experienced osteopathic consultations to adults, pregnant women, children and infants.

What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a holistic treatment that focuses on the body’s musculoskeletal and visceral system. It helps to improve mobility and reduce pain by using manual therapy techniques to manipulate joints, muscles, fascia and tissues.

Osteopaths work with their patients to bring back balance within the body, restore function and promote physical and mental well-being. Osteopathy can treat a variety of conditions, such as neck and back pain, headaches, sports injuries, stress and postural problems.

By using manipulation techniques along with exercises, massage and other treatments, osteopaths can help alleviate pain while improving mobility in the joints, organs and muscles.

We currently offer this holistic treatment to help athletes and those who enjoy sports to maintain peak physical fitness and also to those with postural related pain and dysfunctions. Being at the top of your game as a sportsperson is integral to achieving your peak performance. And so we also offer sports osteopathy to keep your body in prime condition and help you achieve your key performance goals.

Our professional osteopaths also provide rehabilitative and preventative care for budding and established musicians with a focus on enhancing posture, improving coordination capabilities, and preventing further injury.

When and Why You Should Seek Help

Osteopathy can help individuals who are experiencing acute or chronic pain, no matter its level of intensity.

In this modern world, it can often be difficult to find the time to practice self-care and listen to your body and understand its needs. You may not understand the type of pain you are experiencing, let alone whether it is something osteopathy can help with. You know your body best, but if you are unsure and concerned, our Doha MOPH licensed osteopaths can help provide you with a clear diagnosis.

Our expertise in paediatric osteopathy accommodates the needs of teens, children, infants, and perinatal mothers. We identify, treat, and monitor conditions, including reflux, torticollis, plagiocephaly, sleep and static disorders.

Osteopathy for Pregnant Women

Are you a mum-to-be or post natal? At Anatomy Rehab, we provide pre and post-natal osteopathy to help ease physical changes during pregnancy and prepare the body for childbirth. Our qualified women’s health osteopaths use gentle manual therapy and trigger point release to improve joint mobility, pain and reduce muscle tension. Internal pelvic floor examination and treatment is sometimes the key to alleviate pelvic floor issues, assess strength and provide pelvic floor rehabilitation. This will help resolve  pain, improve posture, reduce stress and promote overall well-being. Pre and post-natal osteopathy can also help with common issues such as back pain, sciatica, instability and pelvic girdle pain. Women’s health therapy is not only for pre and post-natal women but also for all women who want to keep a strong and healthy pelvic floor or are suffering with pain, incontinence or vaginitis.

Sports Osteopathy

Our sports osteopathy specialists use a unique combination of manual therapy, exercise, and education to help budding and professional athletes recover from injuries, improve performance, and prevent future injuries. Our dedicated team also provide advice on lifestyle changes such as diet, posture correction and ergonomic adjustments.

Osteopathy for infants

Osteopathy can be beneficial for infants and children in order to treat various conditions such as colic, digestive and feeding issues, sleep disorders, flat heads and reflux or GERD. If your child has feeding or sleep issues then Paediatric Osteopathy may be able to help.

Men’s Health Osteopathy

Guess what….. Men also have a pelvic floor and can suffer with pelvic and back pain, pelvic floor weakness, prostatitis, incontinence, genital numbness and dysfunctions, sexual pain, coccyx injuries and more. Our pelvic floor specialist Osteopaths are highly trained to assess these conditions and diagnose the cause of the problem. Pelvic floor rehabilitation and treatment can fully resolve long term complains that can improve function and well-being.


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Call the team now to book your appointment

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