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At Anatomy Rehab, our dedicated team consists of highly skilled physiotherapists and sports massage therapists who specialize in sports massage and deep tissue therapy. We are invested in a holistic approach to pain management and recovery.

We aim to improve patient outcomes by pinpointing underlying conditions such as golfers elbow and tennis elbow. Whether you are suffering from back pain, stress or want to work on correcting your posture, we have the solution for you!

Our sports massage therapists have extensive international training and expertise in their field. We specialize in effective treatment to help you hit your goals and optimize your potential.

Benefits of Sports Massage

It is important to take care of your body and mind; taking care of yourself will help improve your work and daily performance. Sports massages are the perfect antidote to relieving tension and are no longer just for professional athletes.

A change in your training or work habits can lead to pain, fatigue and muscle spasms due to poor technique and posture.  If you don’t treat a stiff muscle, it can affect your whole body. This commonly occurs in individuals who spend prolonged periods at a desk or have jobs that require extensive driving.

We recommend seeing a sports massage therapist when you feel stiffness and lack of flexibility. Your sports massage specialist will help relax and mobilise the body, relieve stress, and improve blood flow. Flushing toxins and lactic acid through sports massage allows muscles to receive essential oxygen and nutrients for recovery.

Sports massage benefits the body and mind, improving injuries, preventing pain, and aiding in faster recovery. Release built-up muscle tension from DOMS and improve joint and muscle flexibility.

Our expertise in sports physiotherapy is well-known in Dubai. We provide various types of sports massage and deep tissue therapy using different techniques like vibration, stretching, and Graston tools. The technique that is most suitable for you is dependent on your.

The most suitable technique for you depends on your specific concerns, objectives, and occupation. We tailor our sports massages to align with your requirements, ensuring you attain optimal results. Contact us for more information.

Effective Treatment for Back Pain and Muscle recovery

Sports massage helps people who exercise a lot or have bad posture by manipulating and releasing their muscles. Our experts utilise soft tissue release techniques and tools to relieve muscle tension and imbalance. Sports massage and deep tissue massage can aid in injury and pain prevention, assisting recovery and relieving aches and pains

Sports massage and deep tissue massage are very effective treatments for common conditions. Whether you have back and neck tightness, shin splints, hamstring or muscle strains, or DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) from training.

Get a sports massage after a tournament or event for fast recovery and regular treatments to support training and endurance. Book your appointment today.

Deep Tissue Massage

What is Deep Tissue Massage?

  • Focuses on the deeper layers of muscles and connective tissues
  • Uses slow, firm pressure and deep strokes to target specific areas of tension and tightness
  • Aims to release chronic muscle tension and knots

Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

  • Relieves chronic pain and muscle tension
  • Improves flexibility and range of motion
  • Reduces inflammation and promotes healing
  • Helps with postural problems and muscle imbalances

When is Deep Tissue Massage Recommended?

  • Chronic pain conditions such as fibromyalgia or arthritis
  • Muscular injuries or strains
  • Postural problems or muscle imbalances
  • Limited range of motion or flexibility issues

Sports Massage Therapy

What is Sports Massage Therapy?

  • Geared towards athletes and individuals involved in sports or physical activities
  • Combines various massage techniques to enhance performance, prevent injuries, and aid in recovery
  • Focuses on specific muscle groups used in a particular sport or activity

Benefits of Sports Massage Therapy

  • Improves athletic performance and endurance
  • Reduces the risk of injuries
  • Speeds up recovery and reduces muscle soreness
  • Enhances flexibility and range of motion

When is Sports Massage Therapy Recommended?

  • Before a sporting event or intense physical activity to warm up muscles and prevent injuries
  • During training to maintain optimal muscle condition and prevent overuse injuries
  • After a sporting event or intense physical activity to aid in recovery and reduce muscle soreness

Deep tissue massage and sports massage therapy offer numerous benefits, and are tailored to meet different needs and goals.

Deep tissue massage is beneficial for individuals who experience chronic pain or have tight muscles. On the other hand, sports massage focuses on enhancing sports performance and aiding in recovery.

By knowing the distinction between these two massages, you can make the right choice for your body. If you require assistance in picking the right massage for you, our experts at Anatomy Rehab will consult with you and recommend the best fit for your body.


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