Fazia Amrane

Osteopath and Womens Health Specialist
Branch Palm Jumeirah
Years Of Experience 12 Years
Specialities Osteopathic Women’s Health & Pediatric Care
Speaks English, French, Arabic

Fazia’s vast experience and knowledge in osteopathy make her an integral part of our team, providing high standards of care to many of the women and children who come to our clinic. Her in-depth understanding and wide coverage of many women’s health issues and pediatric health concerns ensure our patients have excellent, discrete care to provide relief, reduce symptoms and regain independence. She as well as specialising in womens health is experienced in treating all musculoskeletal issues in adults and children.

If you are struggling with pelvic floor problems, need help pre or post-partum or require a friendly, professional specialist for any other women’s health-related problems, Fazia handles each case with discretion and professionalism that you can rely on. Fazia has a wide range of skills she utilises with her patients including manual therapy, plates rehabilitation, internal pelvic floor examination and treatments, taping and

Experience and History

Fazia has more than 12 years of expertise as a qualified osteopath, starting out in private practice in Switzerland and France. Over the years, her experience and training have allowed Fazia to specialise in her practice, primarily working within women’s health, pre and post-natal care and pediatric osteopathy. In addition, she’s also highly qualified in the examination and rehabilitation of the pelvic floor, using her wealth of knowledge and pilates training to create personalised plans to enable our patients to achieve full recovery.

As a fully trained osteopath, Fazia is familiar with a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions, gaining experience in how to treat and manage various symptoms in adults of all ages, from teenagers to post-menopausal women. Her professional approach and friendly attitude have allowed her to help thousands of patients in assessing, understanding and treating many different health conditions, helping to improve their quality of life and restore her patients to full health. She is also well-experienced in pediatric cases, helping to manage a wide variety of conditions including babies with colic, dysplasia and feeding issues.

Through her experience, Fazia has also completed training in using real-time ultrasound imaging to diagnose pelvic floor issues which allows comprehensive retraining of the pelvic floor with her patients. She is committed to educating her patients to improve their health and well-being through lifestyle management, conditioning, and rehabilitation. Today, she works as a part of the multi-discplinary team at Anatomy Rehab, providing her expert opinion alongisde our other experienced physios and professionals to help her patients to achieve their goals

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