Justin Walsh

Sports Massage Therapist
Branch DIFC
Years Of Experience 9 Years
Specialities Sports Massage
Speaks English

Justin joined Anatomy Rehab to build upon his skills and experience as a sports massage therapist to offer pain relief, enhanced recovery and injury management for our patients. His specialised knowledge in sports massage and passion for treating clients from all walks of life has made Justin a valuable addition to work alongside our other expert clinicians. Justin is our recovery expert and has as an top athlete himself he can guide you to optimse your performance.

If you have chronic pain in your neck and back or you are struggling to recover from a sports injury and event, Justin can help by providing an assessment and deep tissue massage designed to target your specific problem areas. He uses various techniques including vibration guns, trigger point release and mobilisation to achieve excellent results individualised to each patient, helping to relieve pain, improve mobility and enhance well-being.

Experience and History

Justin graduated from Exeter University in 2014 with a degree in Exercise and Sport Science, building upon his interest in sports medicine. Following his degree, he continued his education with qualifications from the UK in manual therapy and soft tissue massage, covering an array of techniques to provide patients with comfort, working to reduce their pain and helping to improve mobility to help them on the path to recovery.

After completing his education, Justin made the move to Dubai. He worked as a massage therapist alongside top physiotherapists and doctors, helping his patients to treat underlying conditions. His experience includes working with elite athletes, chronic pain conditions and gym-goers looking to recover from past injuries. His enthusiasm for the work he does speaks in the results he achieves, providing holistic care that focuses on problem areas to optimise muscle balance and improve performance. Justin in his spare time plays Rugby for the UAE and competitive club level in Dubai. His knowledge and passion for sport especially Rugby gives him excellent insight into training goals and recovery specific strategies.

Alongside general sports massage, Justin has received training in strength and conditioning and myofascial techniques, allowing him to release and unlock fascial tissue in the body effectively. This technique helps patients to recovery faster and is the ideal adjunct to our physiotherapy services.

Anatomy Rehab is a well-being healthcare concept where our team of licensed professionals will use a range of skills and expertise to enhance your health and enable you to reach your full potential.

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Justin Walsh

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