Claire De Lange

Years Of Experience 15 years experience
Specialities Sports, pediatric and pregnancy
Speaks English, Dutch and Afrikaans


Prestigious Chiropractor with a Holistic Approach to Care

  • Graduated with Distinction from the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic
  • Recipient of the Holme Award for a Holistic Approach to Care
  • Extensive Experience in the UK and the Netherlands
  • Specializes in Athletic Performance and Whole-Body Wellbeing

Dr. Claire de Lange, a proud alumnus of the renowned Anglo-European College of Chiropractic, brings with her a rich tapestry of expertise and accolades, including the distinguished Holme award. Her passion for chiropractic care is not just academic; it’s deeply personal, stemming from an active childhood in the sunlit terrains of South Africa.

Over the years, Dr. Claire de Lange has been a beacon of hope and rejuvenation for numerous athletes. From cyclists to swimmers, track and field enthusiasts to footballers, her healing touch has helped athletes not only reach but often exceed their performance goals. Her professional journey has spanned the terrains of the UK and the Netherlands, where she was an integral part of teams dedicated to nurturing athletic prowess and wellness.

For Dr. Claire de Lange, chiropractic care is not just about treating the physical. She staunchly believes in the holistic amalgamation of a functional body, a serene mind, and nourishing nutrition. Her approach, which resonates from amateurs to professional athletes, ensures that even the “weekend warriors” experience a tangible elevation in their well-being and performance.

When she’s not working her magic in the clinic, Dr. Claire de Lange finds solace in nature. Whether it’s a camping escapade in the desert or rejuvenating beach days, she cherishes these moments with family, as they recharge her spirit and soul. Swimming and tennis are close to her heart, often finding their way into her weekend plans.


  • Athletic Performance Enhancement and Injury Prevention
  • Holistic Chiropractic Care for Overall Well-being
  • Rehabilitation and Functional Body Maintenance
  • Nutritional Guidance for Optimal Health

For a chiropractic experience that blends professional expertise with personal care, reach out to Dr. Claire de Lange. Let her guide you to a healthier body, a peaceful mind, and a life brimming with vitality.

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