Natasha Phillips

Pilates Instructor
Branch Palm Jumeirah
Years Of Experience 5 Years
Specialities Mat and Reformer Pilates
Speaks English

Natasha joined Anatomy Rehab as a dedicated pilates instructor and uses her knowledge of movement and dance to provide our patients with exceptional care to build core strength, rehabilitate from injury, regain motion and start on the path to recovery. She teaches a range of both pilates classes and private sessions from our beautiful Palm Jumeirah studio.

If you are considering pilates classes in Dubai, Natasha’s experience and knowledge as a dancer and pilates instructor is the perfect adjunct to other therapies to optimise recovery and strength. She helps many of our patients alongside their personalised physiotherapy plans to provide core conditioning, imporve flexibility and achieve vital milestones. Pilates is not only beneficial post injury but also for those striving to improve overall performance mentally and physcially.

Experience and History

Natasha is a highly experienced dancer, starting from the age of 5 years old. In 2012, she formalised her experience with a diploma in Dance and Musical theatre in London, UK, from Laine Theatre Arts. As part of her curriculum, she studied pilates and fell in love with the strengthening and conditioning capabilities that this unique exercise provides.

During her time performing in West End shows, Natasha continued her education in pilates, helping her to temper her movements, think mindfully about her body and gain more from each performance. In 2018, she took her training to the next level, graduating as a qualified pilates instructor with Pilates Academy International and Balance Body.

Since completing her pilates instructor training, Natasha has worked in leading pilates studios across Dubai, specialising in both reformer and mat work teaching. She has extensive experience in both pre and post-natal pilates, helping expectant women to prepare for birth and recover afterwards. Her passion and enthusiasm make her a valuable addition to our team at Anatomy Rehab, providing our patients with personalised pilates to help achieve their goals.

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