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We are a Doha-based team of MOPH-licensed physiotherapists specialising in workplace ergonomics and Corporate Wellness. Our mission is to apply our unique insight and expertise from the field of physiotherapy to your employees’ working environment and educate to optimise well-being. Optimal workplace ergonomics has been proven to increase productivity and significantly reduce the risk of strain and workplace injury. Back pain is the most common reason for employee absence from work and ergonomics and workplace education and well- being has been shown to reduce sick leave significantly within businesses.

Why Should You Care About Workplace Ergonomics?

Poor ergonomic habits threaten your employees’ health and your business’s productivity. Here are some of the main problems stemming from poor workplace ergonomics:

  • Back and neck pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Posture issues
  • Reduced ability to focus
  • Reduced productivity at work
  • Increased risk of workplace injury and stress
  • Increased employee absence

You can resolve these problems before they impact your business directly by using a workplace ergonomic assessment eith for individuals or in group sessions. This allows our team to diagnose issues accurately, which may involve poor posture, inappropriate office furniture and poor lighting within an office environment, and prescribe tailored, cost-effective corrective measures.

Benefits of An Ergonomic Assessment

When applying our physiotherapy expertise to the business, we found that leveraging ergonomics as a competitive advantage was an innovative concept. This is something many businesses overlook, despite its direct impact on core business operations and profitability. Here are some reasons to consider an ergonomic assessment for your company in Doha.

Optimises Employee Performance

You can help your staff reach peak performance and maintain optimal levels of productivity by addressing the ergonomic conditions of their workstations. Whether it’s behind the wheel, behind a desk or in a warehouse, making small adjustments to maximise comfort and reduce strain leads to better and more prolonged focus and improved employee wellness.

Offers A Competitive Advantage

Over time, you’ll experience the compounding benefits of having an ergonomically optimised workplace. Poor ergonomic habits can lead to fatigue, low morale, poor focus and eventually, negative health consequences.

In contrast, good ergonomic habits can help employees focus, enjoy their work and remain in excellent health over the long term. Leveraging ergonomics as a competitive advantage is a new and highly effective strategy.

Our Ergonomic Assessment Process

There are 5 steps to our assessment process:

  • Initial Assessment. The first step is to assess the workstation for ergonomic hazards. A licensed physiotherapist will examine all dimensions of ergonomics, including the physical, cognitive and organisational aspects. We also look at how your employees perform their duties and what objects and environments they interact with.
  • Document findings. We will document our findings throughout the assessment, making notes and taking photos, so we can properly analyse all ergonomic factors. This ensures we account for every single factor affecting your employees’ health and performance.
  • Interview employees. Through a brief chat with your employees, we can discover specific concerns and learn about any subjective issues affecting their comfort and productivity. This also allows us to learn about the individual needs or health requirements of staff and create tailored ergonomic solutions. We also ask  specific questions relating to general health and prior or existing pain or injury.
  • Report preparation. Following our analysis, we will translate the data we gathered into an easily understandable report that conveys the ergonomic condition of your workplace, including photos, videos and recommendations.
  • Deliver solutions. Finally, we will deliver a detailed plan of action showing exactly how to optimise your workplace, including a list of any additional equipment you may require. Our plan will consider the unique requirements of each employee and the business, allowing you to establish a work environment that minimises injury risk and maximises performance.

Other Corporate Wellness Services

We offer an array of other corporate wellness services that can be tailored into a package to suit your businesses’ needs and goals. Our corporate wellness packages can include all or some of the follwing options:

  • Educational Workshops
  • In-Office massage
  • In-Office classes eg. Yoga and pilates
  • In-Office Mini Physio and Chiropractic Sessions
  • Online Health and Fitness Webinars
  • Ergonomic Desk Assessments

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