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Osteopath In Dubai – Treating Neck Pain Caused By Desk Jobs

Many of us have desk jobs, meaning we’re sitting in front of laptops, smartphones, and tablets for prolonged periods of time. This can lead to neck pain and a range of other musculoskeletal conditions, which can impact our quality of life and affect our well-being.

Although making adjustments to our workspaces can help, osteopathy is an effective and non-invasive way to combat the negative effects associated with working a desk job by improving posture and reducing or removing pain.

How Desk Jobs Cause Neck Pain

We will probably all experience neck pain at some point in our lives. However, working a desk job and sitting for long periods of time makes us more prone to neck pain. Our bodies are not designed to sit down for prolonged periods, and doing so puts undue pressure on the neck and back.
It is very easy to adopt bad posture when we sit for a long time.

Furthermore, our bodies are designed to move. Holding the neck and shoulders in one position for a long time while sitting can put excessive pressure on muscles, nerves, and ligaments, leading to neck pain.

Working a desk job often involves working at a computer or looking down at a phone. When we adopt this position, the muscles in the neck must contract to hold the head up. The human head can weigh as much as 5kg, so the muscles need to work hard to hold it in place, which makes them tired and sore.

How Osteopathy Can Relieve Musculoskeletal Conditions

Painkillers can lessen neck pain, but they do not get to the root of the issue. Osteopathy is a holistic practice that aims to improve mobility and reduce or remove pain. It is particularly beneficial for those seeking a drug-friendly treatment of neck pain rather than just masking it with medication.

Using physical manipulation, massage, and stretching, osteopaths aim to improve joint mobility, relieve tension in the muscles, encourage blood flow, and reduce pain associated with musculoskeletal conditions.

What Happens At An Osteopathy Appointment

Before any treatment takes place, an osteopath will find out as much about you and your symptoms as possible. Some of these questions may seem personal, but they allow the osteopath to get to the root of your neck pain and determine the most appropriate treatment for you. They will ask you what you do for a living, as this will help them understand how you use your body throughout the day and why you may be experiencing neck pain.

After carrying out a thorough assessment, the osteopath will build a treatment plan that is specific to you and your needs. They may use a range of techniques, like massage and stretching, to move parts of your body.

The treatment might include short, sharp movements to the spine, sometimes referred to as high-velocity thrusts. These movements can produce a cracking sound, which can be alarming, but it is not harmful – you may even feel relief afterward.

Beyond providing treatment, an osteopath will be able to offer advice on how to prevent your neck pain from returning. If your pain is down to your working environment, an osteopath can suggest changes you can make to improve your symptoms, such as investing in an ergonomic chair. The osteopath may also give you exercises to do at home to keep your neck and shoulders functioning correctly.

Book Your Osteopathy Appointment Now

Our in-house osteopath, Thomas Wynn-Jones has nearly two decades of experience working in osteopathy. After qualifying in the UK, Thomas worked in London and Singapore before joining us at our Dubai clinic.

A specialist in back and neck pain, Thomas has treated thousands of patients over the years from all walks of life, from office workers to professional athletes, from children and teenagers to older people.

Working a desk job can make you more prone to neck pain, but osteopathy can help you manage your symptoms and create a healthier working environment. If you would like to discuss your neck pain or any other musculoskeletal issues with one of our qualified DHS-licensed osteopaths, contact us today to book an appointment.