Kirsten Evans

Branch DIFC
Years Of Experience 10 Years
Specialities Biomechanics and Sports Injuries
Speaks English

Providing our patients with a diverse range of chiropractic services to complement our existing expert physiotherapy care, we are proud to have Kirsten as part of our team at Anatomy. With more than 10 years of experience as a qualified chiropractor, primarily working within sporting clinics, Kirsten has a wealth of knowledge that allows her to tailor her treatments to the needs of each individual patient to achieve exceptional and lasting results.

If you are an athlete looking to enhance and optimise your performance, Kirsten is the ideal person to work with. As a passionate and experienced holistic professional, Kirsten also loves handling a wide range of cases including experience working with children and babies as well as expertise in helping with headaches, spinal, ankle and foot disorders.

Experience and History

Kirsten qualified with a Masters in Chiropractic in 2013, studying at the Durban University of Technology in South Africa. Her research investigated the Chiropractic care of pediatrics. She also gained experience at the South African Sports Institute of South Africa, in medical bike fitting and cycling biomechanics under the guidance of the current UAE Team Sports Doctor, Jeroen Swart.

Over the past 10 years, Kirsten has continued to gain experience in a wide range of environments, primarily working within sports clinics with recreational athletes. As an avid triathlete and runner herself, her expertise includes runners, cyclists and triathletes. Over the years, she has worked with South African surf ski paddlers, canoeists, Olympic swimmers and sprinters, primarily focusing on enhancing their biomechanics to optimize their performances as well as to treat and prevent injuries with sport specific rehabilitation.

Kirsten’s passion for triathlon and running is also well-embedded in her personal life, as an enthusiastic endurance runner with multiple Ironman races and marathons under her belt. She can be found cycling, canoeing, and trail running in her spare time. Her knowledge and expertise in multiple areas of chiropractic care and her passion for biomechanics and sport makes her an excellent addition to our specialist team.

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